Week 4 Written Assignment

Interview With A Tenured Employee

Conduct an interview with an individual who has worked for the same company for at least three years. Before your interview, locate two peer reviewed articles that provide performance management best practices for organizations similar in size or industry to the organization of the individual whom you will interview. Answer the following questions during your interview:

  1. Determine why, specifically, that person has remained in position for so long.
  2. Does the organization incorporate any performance management best practices?
  3. Detail what the organization is doing right from a performance management standpoint.
  4. Also, discuss some areas of opportunity for the organization.

In a 6-8 page paper (excluding title page or References section), share the results of your interview. Be sure to justify any related conclusions to the above bullet points by incorporating information from your research and weekly readings. 

This assignment is worth 8 points of the total course grade.

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