SSIGNMENT: Go to the website and learn about DHMO. Look for another source on DHMO that presents a contrasting opinion. Which source has the better information? Using your two sources, explain what DHMO is, what it does, and if you should use it. What steps will you take in the future regarding DHMO? At least two outside sources, properly cited (APA format), are required for this exercise.

NOTE: This is a trick assignment, and there is a right and a wrong answer to this!

FORMAT:This should be in paragraph format, one page or less. 12 point font, double spaced. This is intended as an exercise in using and evaluating sources, citing in APA format.

GRADING: 15 points TOTAL* 5 points – Correct answer* 5 points – Well-written, spelling and grammar are correct* 5 points – Good use of sources, correct citations

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