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•  Outsourcing is when a business obtains services or products used in manufacturing, such as parts for a television set, from an outside (often overseas) supplier or manufacturer in order to cut costs.

•  Offshore Companies conduct most of their business outside of the country in which they are incorporated. These companies are also known as non-resident companies.

•  Push Production is when manufacturers of products decide what to produce, how much to produce and the price of the product.

•  Pull Production is when retailers determine what the manufacturer will produce, how much to produce and the price of the product Wal-Mart Good ForAmerica? Video Questions 

Google/Bing- PBS Frontline IsWalmart Good for America 88:30 mins

Part I. Answer the following questions as you view the documentary:

1. What did you notice at the Wal-Mart shareholdersmeeting?   do you think this is different from other shareholders meeting? If yes, in what ways?

2. How is Wal-Mart able to keep track of its inventory?  Why is this important?  List the effects this has on producer?

3. Trace the decline of Rubbermaidfrom 1994-2004. What factors most contributed to this decline? 

4. What is an opening price point?  How does it influence sales?


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