VP of Orginization

VP of Organization

For this assignment, you will take on the role of a vice president of a major organization. The CEO has assigned you the responsibility of educating the leaders within the organization of the importance of maintaining an ethical culture. The tone of the presentation should be of a persuasive nature, as you will also be asking these leaders to take this initiative to each of their areas. As you compile this presentation, include the following:

1. Explain exactly what it means to maintain an ethical culture within the organization.

2. Analyze the role that culture plays in global business ethics.

3. Describe the importance and rationale for maintaining an ethical culture within the entire organization. Think about methods that you can use to motivate employees and employers toward ethical business practices.

4. Recommend ethics guidelines they can use within each of their areas.

The PowerPoint presentation must be 12-14 slides, not including the title slide and reference slide. All sources used must be referenced and cited. Directly quoted material must have accompanying citations and be cited per APA guidelines.

This assignment requires the use of speaker notes. In the speaker notes, you will provide what you would say if you had to give the presentation to an audience; this information will be typed in the “Notes” section beneath each slide. Please write your notes in complete sentences, and adhere to typical grammar and/or punctuation rules.

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