Unit 5 – Individual Project

Type: Individual Project

Unit:  Building Your Plan

Due Date:  Wed, 2/8/17

Grading Type: Numeric

Points Possible:  250

Points Earned:  0

Deliverable Length:  4,000–7,000 words

Assignment Objectives

Analyze market conditions and financial models for entrepreneurs

Formulate an operational strategy for the business model of their new ventures

Develop strategic plans based upon the market environment

Determine the organizational configuration required to support the new venture

Develop the detailed documents required to engage potential investors in their entrepreneurial ventures, incorporating them into their business plans

Key Assignment

You will use the new venture business plan from ENTR615 and your work from Week 4 for this assignment. The final draft should incorporate feedback provided by your instructor and peers during the course.

The new venture business plan from ENTR615 should include the following sections:

  • Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Product or Service
  • Market Opportunity
  • Competitive Environment

Part 1

Incorporate any new information generated during this course to the following sections of your new venture business plan from ENTR615:

  • Product or Service
  • Market Opportunity
  • Competitive Environment

Part 2

Generate the following new sections for your new venture business plan from ENTR615:

  • Facilities
  • Operating Plans
  • Legal Structure

Part 3

The main component of this part of the assignment is the inclusion of updated and detailed pro forma financial documents.

The financial documents should include the following:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash flow statement

Polish and strengthen your plan to improve the following:

  • Format
  • Flow
  • Ideas

Be sure to focus on the following:

  • The sections should be tightly written and professional in a business rather than academic style.
  • Present charts, graphs, and other visual aids as appropriate.
  • Changes made to any aspect of your plan should be reflected in your financial information.

Submit your business plan and financial statements in PDF format. Your most recent EZ Numbers file for the proposed new venture should be submitted in .xlsm format.

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