each one separate 

Your boss has heard about “Big Data” and its potential for improving the organization. 

Your task is to research “Big Data” and provide a brief summary – critical analysis of its usefulness, or not, to the organization, on one page.

* find the attached 

and make two comments for your peers based on the same article in one page. All the answers and the comments should be with references.


Respond to one of these questions, and make two comments as well, the initial response should be on one page and the two comments on one page, all with references.

1. Evidence indicates that the shareholders of many acquiring firms gain little or nothing in value from the acquisitions. Why, then, do so many firms continue to use an acquisition strategy?


2. Use the Internet to read about acquisitions that are currently underway and to choose one of these acquisitions. Based on the firms’ characteristics and experiences and the reasons cited to support the acquisition, do you feel it will result in increased strategic competitiveness for the acquiring firm? Why or why not?

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