SM-A1 & FSA-Q/A5

Note: I need answer of the following assignment and discussion questions as per provided instructions below. Must address all questions properly. Must provide 100% original answer.

Assignment 1

In this assignment, you will decide on a company’s strategic intent, its mission, and the role of stakeholders in developing an organization’s strategy. Then, Write a 300-500 words response on the following questions.Must include 2-3 credible references cited in APA.

You have learned that stakeholders have profound impact on the direction and the success of a company. Based on your readings and learning, complete the following tasks:

·         Define the various classifications of stakeholders in a company and their role in strategic management decisions.

·         Explain the connection between stakeholders and competitive advantage.

You learned that strategic intent is an extension of a company’s organizational culture and the cornerstone of the firm. Based on your readings and learning, complete the following tasks:

·         Discuss the importance of strategic intent and its impact on organizational success.

·         Discuss why it is important and how an organization can move from intent to implementation.

Based on your readings and learning, complete the following tasks:

·         Describe the attributes of an effective strategist.

·         Explain how you would create and sell a strategic mission to stakeholders.

We cannot always control political, technological, economic, or cultural issues. Given that, answer the following questions:

·         How often would you reevaluate your business strategy to maintain a competitive edge in the market place?

·         What factors would you use to evaluate the need for change, and what tools would you use to make the changes?

·         While performing an external environmental analysis, how important is it to use all four components and why?

Discussion Questions:

Note: Respond to the following questions thoroughly, in 150 words for each question. Must include one credible references cited in APA for each answer.

1.                  What is the difference between a contribution income statement and a traditional income statement?  Under what circumstances would a firm use each?

2.                  What is a company segment?  Why would a firm want to divide itself into operating segments?  Why would a firm want to measure profits by segment?  How would common costs be allocated to each of a company’s segments?

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