Situation audit for a medical hospital

situation audit for an mba class on a medical hospital.

Use this hospital{}

Our Hospital

You will be writing a 25 page situation audit for a company following the guidelines outlined below. Also see the attachment with the template for how the paper will go.

Read the final deliverable instructions below and consider how you will approach an investigation on your own organization.

Final Deliverable Instructions: A Situation Audit and Preliminary Analysis of Some Key Factors

You have been tasked by your boss to prepare a situation audit that presents a five-year history of your organization (or an approved alternative). In this report, you’ll focus on analyzing some key internal factors that, taken together, provide a portrait of your organization. The information upon which you rely for this report must be publicly available or available for review by faculty as necessary

Format requirements

Prepare a document that presents a five-year history of the organization you’re examining. Using the provided template, your maximum 5,500 word (approximately 25 pages double-spaced) report must include a cover page, a brief executive summary, and a list of references used. See this resource for guidance on writing an executive summary. You may also use appendices for helpful supplementary information, but these will not be included in the word limit for this report. Use APA formatting for in-text citations and the references.


Include an addendum to your history, which will identify factors requiring attention and include your preliminary recommendations for action.

The focus is on developing and demonstrating a comprehensive and strategic understanding of your organization and the major internal factors of likely importance for its future. You may find that this information is contained in formal documents (such as annual reports, strategic plans) or on the organization’s external website. In many cases, however, you will want to verify your findings with others in the organization.

Now that you have a better understanding of the project requirements, complete the following:

  • Read over these brief guidelines about conducting research on your organization. Please discuss with your instructor any limiting factors you may encounter as you write this report. After you’ve discussed these issues with your instructor, if you believe it’s best for you to research an organization other than your own, please read the guidelines about using an outside organization.
  • If necessary, schedule any meetings in advance with your organization’s personnel to obtain the necessary information.
  • Use the situation audit template to create your final report.


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