Short Cases / Discussion Memo – Business Strategy

The memo should answer the Discussion Assignment question.  In addition, they should apply concepts from the chapter readings.  Your answer should be logical and supported by facts from the case or facts you research on your own.  Do not present a summary of the case, but instead offer a well-supported evaluation using case information and incorporating concepts from the chapter readings.  Remember to cite any work that is not your own.

These memos are to be approximately 1 page in length, single-spaced with minimum 10-point font.  They are to be submitted on Turnitin. Read all files that attached below and answer the following questions.

Discussion assignment: Why did Inbev purchase Anheuser Busch, a company that got 90% of its revenue from the U.S., a market that was growing at 1.4%?

Must use concepts from the chapter 12 reading!!! Use case information as well. Revision may needed.

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