Segmenting Consumer and Business Markets Segmentation, business and finance homework help

Segmenting Consumer and Business MarketsSegmentation bases (variables) are used to identify particularcharacteristics, attributes, or traits of consumers or businesses.Consumer markets are typically segmented using 5 bases, includinggeographic, demographic, psychographic, benefit, and usage-ratesegmentation.Execute the following four steps to complete this Discussion assignment:Watch the following animated explanations on segmentation of markets todevelop a strong understanding of the concepts:Understand the characteristics of markets and market segments.Understand the criteria for successful market segmentation.Understand the bases commonly used to segment consumer markets.Understand the steps involved in segmenting markets.

Watch the following video on how the Food Network® uses segmentation andtarget marketing to appeal to consumers: View it hereChoose a cooking show from the Food Network® website (2014 TelevisionFood Network G. P.) at: to studyand answer the questions below.Using research from Chapter 8, to help substantiate your understandingof the segmentation and target marketing concepts, answer the followingquestions related to the segmentation and targeting of consumer marketsfor your chosen show:Identify a minimum of three (3) segmentation bases that might be used tosegment the market for your chosen show.Describe the specific reasons each of the three (3) segmentation basesmight be used to segment the market for your chosen food show.Describe the type of target marketing strategy that might be used toreach the consumer for your chosen food show.

Discuss the productdifferentiation strategy used to distinguish your chosen show from therest of the shows on the Food Network® website (2014 Television FoodNetwork G. P.).Describe the most likely positioning base or bases that might be used toappeal to consumers in the target market for your chosen food show.

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