see the movie

Apollo 13 movie

Answer the questions regarding to the movie Apollo 13:

1. Team Dynamics

What issues may have been a concern for the team with the addition of Jack Swigert? How did it impact them? Could this change have been managed more effectively? If so , how? If not, why do you believe it was effective?

2. Team Commitment

“Failure is not an option.” What factors were in place to sustain the team to this level of commitment? Can this / how can this level of commitment be encouraged in / applied to every day management situations?

3. Leadership Behavior and Styles

What did you observe about Jim Lovell’s management / leadership style and behaviors? Compare his style to the style and behavior of Gene Kranz. How were they different or similar? Were their styles effective?

4. Lessons Learned

After viewing Apollo 13, with the lens of learning more about management / leadership skills, what lesson did you take away? What do you feel is important to consider when leading a team? (Please remember—Baldwin may be a good resource!!!!!!)

It should be your original work and 1-2 pages

This is the link for the movie:

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