Security and Efficiencies Memo

Scenario:  You have been hired as a consultant by the CEO of a medium-sized business with a limited budget to help address concerns that he has about his organization’s information security – and to bring efficiencies to his organization’s main business processes involving accounting, customer relationships and inventory.  The CEO would like you to prepare a memo that addresses his concerns.

Prepare an 700 to 1000-word Microsoft® Word® memo saved under the following naming convention: LastnameFirstnameW2-1.  Using student John Doe as an example: DoeJohnW2-1.  The memo must contain the following:

Information Security Information:

*  Choose the 3 information systems threats from the list in Section 4.3 (Deliberate Threats to Information Systems) that you feel are the most important to address. The threats must be selected from this list

*  Provide a recommendation on how to mitigate the risk for each threat

– Each threat must have a specific recommendation on how to mitigate that threat (3 threats / 3 different recommendations). A recommendation cannot be written to address multiple threats

Business Efficiencies Information: 

*  Research ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and SCM (Supply Chain Management) software that caters to small and medium-sized businesses

*  Recommend only one off-the-shelf ERP, CRM or SCM software package for the CEO to purchase

*  Explain how the software of your choice can best address most, if not all of the company’s main business processes involving accounting, customer relationships and inventory

Formatting Information:

*  Create the memo using a Microsoft® Word® memo template

–  Select File => New

–  Type in “Memo” in the search box to find samples to download

–  After selecting the memo of your choice, hit the “Create” button

–  Save the template

*  Insert a text Watermark labeled as “Confidential”

*  Use a minimum of two different fonts in the body of the memo

Please Note:

*  Do not exceed the maximum word count by more than 100 words

*  APA formatting requirements do not apply for this assignment – but if you use outside references, you still need to list them at the end of the memo – and cite them in the body of the memo where used

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