Read and Write 500-750 words relating 2 Concepts in Ch. 16 with page numbers and Respond to Two ppl

For this assignment, please read:

1.      Chapter 16 on Global Human Resource Management

2.      View this short video by Danile Pink on motivation (Links to an external site.) 

As Chapter 16 point out Human Resource Management can be very challenging for organizations operating in different cultures as this chapter points out. On Universal characteristic that all humans have is Motivation. If a company has motivated, passionate, creative, and self-directed workers who are motivated….all indicators rise.

You are to read and view these 3 items above and then write 500 -750words and relate it to at least 2 concepts in Chapter 16  in your text citing page numbers and how it relates. As you will see after viewing and reading this assignment, online education if it is to succeed is evolving quickly in global markets and organizations must change and respond on many levels within theorganization if they want to be a leader in the field. Motivating employees to better serve customers is becoming more important to the success of organizations.

As mentioned before, assignments in this on-line course also involve interactions amongst the students in discussion boards each week where you are toread and respond to at least 2 of your classmate’s posts which count as 10% of your grade for each assignment. This interaction is an important part of the course design which gives all of you the opportunity to see how all your classmates respond to the same assignment so you can learn from one another…..youropinions and civil divergent opinions are encouraged!

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