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I believe there are many different challenges faced by human service organizations. I am currently enrolled in the issues in developmental disabilities class which has also really opened my eyes to the challenges. One of the biggest challenges I learned is the extensive amount of needs for families with a child with developmental disabilities. I think many organizations have ambitious goals to help and serve families, but it usually comes with multiple factors that also need to be covered. For instance if there was a day program for children and adults with special needs. Without great leadership, organizations may lack organization or structure. One also needs to address the different medical needs families may have, accessible activities or training for employees or volunteers. Another challenge for human service organizations can be the number of families in need. We have learned throughout the readings and examples of how many organizations have heavy caseloads, waitlists or lack of employees to serve families. This can lead to an organization feeling overwhelmed or spread thin. I believe organizations recognize the need to educate the public in all different areas for families with special needs such as schools, social sectors and medical settings. Providing knowledge can bridge the gap for families in need. I believe many organizations are adapting to the change in the environment by constantly providing new opportunities, updating policies and finding new ways to support families. 


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