I need Full 1-2 pages answer of the discussion given below. HALF PAGE LENGTH IS NOT ACCEPTED. Must include 3 credible sources cited in APA for EACH answer. Must address every step properly. Must provide 100% original work.

Discussion (full 1-2 pages and 3 credible references in APA)

  • 1.       In the context of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) chapter on project human resource management, what do you think is involved in project team member acquisition, development, and ongoing team management?
  • 2.       Considering these choices represent management alternatives, what set of human resource imperatives do you believe are important to each of the three project organization archetypes?
  • 3.       Do an Internet search for the Keirsey Temperament Sorter questionnaire and find a site that appears to have a reputable self-assessment questionnaire. Respond to the questionnaire to identify your temperament type. Read supportive documents associated with your type and answer the following questions:

a)       What does this material suggest are the kinds of projects that would best suit you? What does it suggest your strengths and weaknesses are as a project manager?

b)       How can you compensate for your weaknesses?

c)       Which of the eight traits or skills associated with being an effective project manager is the most important? Which traits are least important? Why?

d)       What is the difference between leading and managing a project?

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