Week1. Basics of Critical Thinking. 7 days


Basics of Critical Thinking7 days  / 7 pointsWeek2. Problem Identification and Formulation. 7 daysWeek2Problem Identification and Formulation7 days  / 13 pointsTasks  Complete the Learning Team Charter.Objectives/Competencies

    • 2.1Identify the processes involved in identifying, formulating, and solving business problems.
    • 2.2Apply concepts of critical thinking to identifying and formulating problems.
    • 2.3Identify common rhetorical devices and fallacies.

Learning ActivitiesRequired

  •  ReadingManagement, Ch. 3
  •  ReadingCritical Thinking, Ch. 5
  •  ReadingCritical Thinking, Ch. 6
  •  ReadingCritical Thinking, Ch. 7
  •  ReadingManagement, “The Functions of Management” section in Ch. 1
  •  Reading“Managerial Skills: What has Changed Since the Late 1980s”
  •  ERRWeek Two Electronic Reserve Readings
  •  ReadingLogical Fallacies
  •  ReadingKnowledge Check Personalized Study Guide
  •  QuizCritical Thinking Ch. 5 Multiple Choice Quiz
  •  QuizCritical Thinking Ch. 6 Multiple Choice Quiz
  •  QuizCritical Thinking Ch. 7 Multiple Choice Quiz
  •  PresentationManagement Ch. 1 & 3 Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentations
  •  PresentationCritical Thinking Ch. 5, 6, & 7 Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentations
  •  VideoProblem Solving Skills Video
  •  VideoCreativity with Bill Moyers: Maya Angelou VideoAssignmentsAssignments will be provided by your faculty and displayed here when class starts.FRIENDLY NAMETITLEDUE DATEPOINTSWeek3. Creativity. 7 daysWeek3Creativity7 days  / 16 pointsTasks  Learning Team Pair-UpObjectives/Competencies
      • 3.1Describe various methods for enhancing creativity and innovation in a business setting.
      • 3.2Identify opportunities in which to apply critical thinking to innovation.
      • 3.3Identify methods for formulating original and creative responses to opportunities and problems.
      • 3.4Identify potential barriers to applying creative thinking to business decision making.

    Learning ActivitiesRequired

    •  ReadingInnovation Acceleration, Ch. 3
    •  ReadingManagement, Ch. 4
    •  ReadingExample SWOT Analysis
    •  ReadingKnowledge Check Personalized Study Guide
    •  PresentationInnovation Acceleration, Ch. 3 Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation
    •  PresentationManagement, Ch. 4 Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation
    •  VideoManagement, Ch. 4 Video and Discussion
    •  VideoBusiness Model Innovation Beats Technical Innovation Video
    •  VideoAchieving Smart Goals video
    •  VideoCreative Thinking Under Siege Video
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