Project: You will be responsible for development of a PowerPoint to be presented as an Emerging Infectious Disease Threat Report deliverable to a mixed group of infectious disease professionals and health care volunteers travelling to a lesser development nation on the African or South American continent.

Criteria for the PowerPoint

1. This deliverable is limited to a maximum of 15 slides, excluding title and reference slides.

2. The information presented must identify at least TWO Emerging Infectious Disease Threats found in the country selected: Preferable country KENYA

a. At the minimum the discussion of the threat must include host range(s), transmission, disease characteristics, morbidity/mortality, currently available and future countermeasures

b. The research should extend to what, if any, public health care laws or measures are available within that country for disease surveillance and/or control

c. The discussion should include what, if any, societal, environmental, psychological/behavioral or other influences may have influence the establishment and/or persistence of the disease in the region.

d. At least one of the two threats chosen must represent a zoonotic organism.

3. The PowerPoint must be organized in a logical fashion. Section headers may be used, if needed.

4. Fonts and graphics (tables, charts, maps, etc.) should be legible and visually appealing. **Remember, you are not writing a report then doing a copy/paste into a ppt slide. You may use comments section to provide additional information which a speaker might include when discussing the slide.

5. Please use APA format to reference sources both in the body of the presentation and in the reference section. Remember that multiple reference slides at the end of the presentation do not count toward your final slide count.

6. The presentation should be short and concise with pertinent information illustrated in a professional, coherent approach.

DUE DATES: July 19, 2017