Management week 2

HW2: Case 5.2 Warby Parker’s Business Vision

For this assignment you are to write a 1 – 2 page double spaced paper, using proper APA citations.

1) Read Case 5.2 Warby Parker’s Business vision found on page 159 in your textbook.

2) Answer the 3 Questions found on page 159 in your text. Your paper should be submitted in BlackBoard by clicking on the title, “Week #2: Mini Paper – Case 5.2 Warby Parker’s Business Vision”

3) Be sure to review your syllabus for a generic grading rubric on how this assignment will be evaluated.


1. YouTube Video (approx 23 min) Featuring Warby Parker’s , CEO on Disruption and Consumer Experience

2) YouTube Video (approx 8 min) TODAY SHOW May 2, 2016 on Warby Parker’s Success

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