LP3 Disccusions

LP3 Discussion HA6510

Create and post a voiceover PowerPoint that addresses the following:

• Benefits of accreditation to patients and health care organizations• The general differences between JCAHO and JCI• The differences in the standards• JCAHO’s effects on US health• JCI’s effects on global health

Criteria: The PowerPoint must:

• Be no more than 7 slides (not including intro and reference slide)• Be a voiceover PowerPoint less than 5 minutes in length or have extensive notes pages below the slides• Be grammatically correct and proper sources must be cited

Post your presentation on the discussion board for other students to review and comment on. Comments should consider content of the presentations, points raised which have validity, and/or points mentioned which you disagree with. Your comments and critique should be supported by facts and references to validate your stance. Citations must be in proper APA format for both in-text and reference entries.

LP3 Discussion MT6580

In our discussion thread this week, we will discuss how cultural issues could impact different business situations. Address the following questions:

  • Do you think the impact of cultural diversity is positive or negative? What, if anything, can management do mitigate any negative impact or build upon a positive impact?
  • In your opinion, should the “outsider” change his/her behavior or should the “local” work to be understanding?
  • When looking at language and communication as they apply to international management, which do you see as more important – language or communication? Should business people be fluent in a second language?
  • How does understanding the communications context of countries impact our business relationships and meetings?
  • Why would this be important to negotiations and other business transactions?

In your four responses to peers, consider their viewpoints in relation to your own and enhance or respectfully debate their opinions.

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