IP 5 – 2000 words

  1. Incorporate the suggestions that were provided by your fellow project managers into your final Project Management Plan. 
  2. Finalize your Project Staffing subsection. This will be part of your Human Resource Management section or appendix. 
  3. Determine the number of resources that will be provided from within the enterprise and from outside contractors. Explain the reasoning behind the determination of the source for the personnel resources.
  4. Make the necessary adjustments to the budget and the schedule, therefore establishing the baseline for those 2 areas. 
  5. An explanation will be required regarding the source of those personnel and why the use of that specific provider is necessary.
  6. Thoroughly review your deliverable for spelling errors and correct word usage, grammar, and formatting.

**Please make sure to complete sections 3.0 (Human Resource Management) and 4.0 (Risk Management) of the Project Management Plan.

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