Identification of Initiative and Stakeholder Alignment


This assignment is the first component of a research and application project that has two segments. You will complete the second component in Module 6. The focus of the project will be to complete a stakeholder management plan around an initiative in an organization that you are involved with currently, will be involved with in the future, or were involved with in the past.

General Requirements:

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

Download the document, “Stakeholder Management Tool.” Use it to complete the assignment.

Download the document, “Sample Application of Stakeholder Management Tool.” Read this document to see an example of how the “Stakeholder Management Tool” was used to create a stakeholder plan. Use it as you complete the assignment.

APA style is require for their writing this assignments.

The assignment should consists of introduction (stating the purpose of the assignment, Body ( subtopics) and conclusion

This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included for each of the three components of the paper included in this assignment.

Follow the instructions in the “Stakeholder Management Tool” to complete steps 1 through 4 of the stakeholder management planning process. Submit the completed tables along with your paper.

Complete Step 1 by filling in the table in Figure 2 to identify all of the potential stakeholders involved.

Complete Step 2 by filling in the table in Figure 3 to assess all of the stakeholders including identifying their current positions, their interests, and their desired positions.

Complete Step 3 by filling in the table in Figure 4 to create a plan to align the key stakeholders you identified from Step 2. You should include everyone from whom you need support as well as those whose position regarding the initiative needs to change from neutral or negative to that of positive supporter.

Complete Step 4 by filling in the table in Figure 5 to create a balanced scorecard for your initiative.

Use the information from steps 1-4 of the planning process to write a paper of 1,500 words that analyzes the proposed plan. Each section should be roughly equal in length. Provide the following in your paper:

A rationale for the initiative based on the value of completing a stakeholder management plan.

A rationale for your analysis and decisions in Steps 1 and 2. Why did you identify these individuals or groups as stakeholders? How do the needs of these internal and external stakeholders differ? Why are their positions or interests significant to the success of the proposed initiative?

A rationale for your analysis and decisions in Steps 3 and 4. Why was the information revealed as you met with stakeholders to conduct the alignment process valuable? How are the needs of the stakeholders interdependent? How does the view of each stakeholder contribute significantly to the balanced scorecard?


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