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Stepping on to a moving train

Put yourself in the position of an entrepreneur who has successfully launched a new venture and is now turning to the growth phase. In a one-page paper, summarize the key steps you would take to constantly be sure you have a relevant business that continues to create value.

Cases : Read the assigned cases below and answer the corresponding questions to each case in no more than one page per case, unless otherwise indicated.

Krave (A)

  1. As a prospective investor, would you be willing to invest in Krave’s Candy? What concerns would you have?

Krave (B)—Case contained in Doc Sharing

  1. As Chris and Larry might see it, what are the issues that would worry them most as you approach the holiday season?
  2. Rank the issues in the order of importance as you see fit.

Trojan Technologies

  1. Consider the organization’s fundamentals in terms of products and customers, describe the importance of customer service and support, and consider the implications for the company’s functions that directly interact with customers, given the historical and projected growth in the company.
  2. Given the decision to structure the company for growth using business teams, how would you decide the composition and delineation of the teams to achieve the growth and customer service objectives of the company?
  3. What concerns do you have with changing the company structure, and how would you address them to ensure the new structure is successful?
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