WA4 – Ideal Leader


Your picture of a leader has been influenced by observing other leaders. These leaders may have affected you directly, or they may be people you’ve never met, but they serve as a role model the kind of leader you want to be. Was it…

    • a famous athlete who leads their team to victory?
    • the leader of a successful business?
    • a recognized national or international political leader?
    • an historical figure who made a major difference?
    • a coach or teacher who affected your life?
    • someone in your family who made a real difference in your life?

This person will be different and unique for each of you, but they should embody the best of what you feel a leader should be.


  • Reflect and pick a ideal leader.
  • Tell at least two incidents that exemplify their leadership. You may have hundreds of reasons you think this person is an ideal leader. Pick a couple of actual times that are the best example of what makes them an ideal leader, and describe them.
  • Tell how it changed you. How has the influence of this leader made you better?


  • Write your assignment in a Word file.
  • Length of a quality submission is about 500 words. You are not limited to this; take as much time as you need to describe your ideal leader.
  • Identify who you are, as detailed in the syllabus (unless you want someone else to get credit for this—you do want credit, right?).
  • Save your document as a Word file (if you don’t have MS Word, ‘SAVE AS’ a Rich Text Format file).

TO SUBMIT – Go to the next page of this module, attach your file, and submit. 

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