Health History Paper – APA 7th Edition with in text citation and Reference Page – NO PLAGIARISM Make up an individual (not a pa

Health History Paper – APA 7th Edition with in text citation and Reference Page – NO PLAGIARISM

Make up an individual (not a patient), utilizing the name Jane Doe or John Doe for the purpose of this paper with a fairly simple disease (Pernicious anemia). Any statements used within the paper by Jane or John Doe must be cited using the in text citation (Personal Communication, 2020). This specific citation should be omitted from the list of references. Please carefully read and follow the attached guidelines below to complete this question.

There is a four page minimum requirement excluding the title and reference page. The following are required content or subject headers for the body of this paper:

Introduction of Individual and Disease: Pernicious Anemia

Required criteria:1. Demographics2. Perception of Health 3. Past Medical History4. Family Medical History 5. Review of Systems (General Vision Head Eyes Ears and Neck (HEENT) Pulmonary Cardiovascular (C/V) Gastrointestinal Genito-Urinary Hematology/Oncology Ob/Gyn/Breast Neurological Endocrine Infectious Diseases Musculoskeletal Mental Health Skin and Hair)6. Developmental Considerations ( Piaget Cognitive Stages of Development)7. Cultural Considerations 8. Psychosocial Considerations (Erickson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development)9. Collaborative Resources

Reflection Required criteria:1. Reflect on your interaction with the interviewee holistically. a) Consider the interaction in its entirety: include the environment, your approach to the individual, time of day, and other features relevant to therapeutic communication and to the interview process (if needed, refer to your text for a description of therapeutic communication and of the interview process).b) How did your interaction compare to what you have learned? c) What went well? I. What barriers to communication did you experience? II. How did you overcome them? III. What will you do to overcome them in the future? d) Were there unanticipated challenges to the interview? e) Was there information you wished you had obtained? f) How will you alter your approach next time?

Style and Organization Required criteria:1. Grammar and mechanics are free of errors.2. Able to verbalize thoughts and reasoning clearly3. Use appropriate resources and ideas to support topic

Template for APA 7th Edition paper is also attached below.

DUE: 6/10/2020 at 10PM Eastern standard time.