Health Care Management (Ambulatory Care Admin)

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The administrator of a clinic has received the following series of patient complaints:

  1. The parents of a patient alleged that the physician rudely rushed off their daughter’s symptoms; shortly thereafter, the daughter was diagnosed elsewhere with a malignant brain tumor
  2. A patient complained that the physician refused to provide a letter to her employer stating she needed more time off from work, and she threatened to sue if the letter was not forthcoming
  3. A patient complained that his bill was too high, that the physician had misinformed him about one of his test results, and that this caused a delay in treatment
  4. A patient was angered when her biopsy was put off because of the physician’s vacation plans, delaying a diagnosis of metastasized breast cancer by four weeks
  5. A patient complained that confidentiality was breached by an employee who discussed his case outside the clinic in a social setting: the patient demanded that the employee be fired
  6. A patient requested a refund because the clinic lost X-ray films depicting progress of his pituitary tumor
  7. A patient accused a physician of improper sexual conduct
  8. A patient relayed a series of minor complaints against the physician and the clinic, requesting that the remaining bill of $38.00 be written off

Case Discussion Questions

  1. Classify the complaints by severity on a scale from one to three, where one is the most severe.
  2. Select one of the severe complaints and recommend a solution.
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