HCA312: Health Care Finance Week 1 Assignment

Week 1 – Assignment

Decision Making (Need two different assignments)

1. Review the organizational charts presented in your reading materials. The sample organization chart lists major areas of responsibility. 

2. Select one area under the CFO and indicate the additional levels of management that would fall under this area.  

3. Think about the positions in the organization that you believe would be directly involved with capital investment decisions and explain why you chose these positions. 

4. Choose a health care facility that you are currently working with or one that you would like to work for in the future.  This facility will be used throughout the course as you plan your capital investment budget. For this part of the assignment, I will provide you with the name of the hospital so you can do some research on it, also the organizational chart.

I will pay $5.00 per each and provide text -book chapters to help support work.

Requirements for APA formatting:

·        Title page

·        Main body

·        In-text citations for paraphrased and quoted material

·        References page

·        Minimum number of credible, academic sources

·        Running head

·        Page numbers

·        Double-spaced on standard sized paper (8.5” x 11”)

·        1” margins

·        12 pt. font

·        Indent each new paragraph (tab ½” or 5 spaces)

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