“Global brand positioning and perceptions” Reading questions

 Q#1   GCCP contributes to the understanding of international advertising and GCC by highlighting firms’ efforts to use widely understood symbols to communicate similar meanings across different countries and cultures. Importantly, this study not only suggests that GCC exists, but also points towards specific signs and symbols that firms use to connect their brands with consumers across the globe. However, while it identifies common symbols in the global market, it does not delve into the meanings associated with these signs. Moreover, the framework recognizes commonly shared global symbols among certain consumer segments (e.g. middle- to upper-class urban or teens) that associate with a specific GCC, but it does not suggest that these symbols are understood or shared among the global population as a whole.   Define the terms GCCP and GCC, illustrate with examples some commonly shared global symbols  with their meanings and apply with personal relevance. 

Q#2    In class we discussed standardization and adaption.  This articles suggests a third choice.   What is it and give me an example.    Define the term, illustrate with examples and apply with personal relevance.

Read the attached document and answer the following questions. 1 Page for both questions. Do not include questions in the paper

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