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Assignment 2

Reading Material Attached: Information Gathering  for Decision Making (Nutt )

Directions are provided on what key concepts should direct your analysis of this reading. See these 4 questions to be addressed. 

  1. How do the Explanatory Variables of signal Coding, Signal Interpretation and Search Behavior evoked in information gathering relate to any or all of the Decision Making models?
  2. In the Decision Making steps normally used, what are Nutt’s suggested approaches to gather and extrapolate data?
  3. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of problem-directed search mechanisms versus goal-directed search mechanisms.
  4. How does this article impact the methods you may apply to intelligence gathering so you have the ability to factually measure performance outcomes from subjective data?

If you quote anything from the article, use quotation marks and give a correctly formatted APA style citation. Do not, however, simply use quotes! These questions require an analysis of the article’s content to the class concepts covered on behavioral (or other) aspects in decision making, theories, and processes.

NOTE: Length: approximately 2 pages single-spaced

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