five competitive forces model ). W r i t i n g

five competitive forces model ). W r i t i n g

1) E-Business Proposal

Your proposal should include a cover page showing the name of the business, course title and semester, your name, and your E-commerce website address. You will be penalized if your proposal does not include a cover page. Submit your proposals in the “E-Business Project” forum on the Blackboard discussion board. The success of your project is largely driven by the quality of the proposal. Indeed, the proposal and other project deliverables must be well organized, logical, accurate, and specific.

– Company name (e.g., Amazon, Inc., Alibaba, etc.)

– Company Internet address (you may use a free web hosting service such as https://

– Industry analysis (use value chains and SWOT analysis to identify electronic commerce opportunities, as well as the Five Competitive Forces Model). The industry analysis should be accurate and thorough and consider the existing competitors.

– Company’s mission

– Business description

1. What you will be selling? Products, Services, or Both?

2. The category – is it B2B, B2C, or other?

3. Where you will be located and why? Will you locate the business on a major Internet backbone? Why or why not?

4. Description of the market and the major source(s) of revenue. It is assumed the business is “for-profit”.

5. How will you attain distribution?

6. Proposed marketing strategy and how to ensure the sustainability of your company?

7. What will be your competitive advantage? – cost leadership, differentiation, focus, or something else

– E-Commerce Business process diagram

2) E-Business Plan

A business plan is used to check the feasibility of a startup business, to seek funding for a business, and to guide the business operations after startup. It should include some or all of the following components: a cover sheet and title page, a table of contents, an executive summary, a business description, information on products or services, and a marketplace analysis with information about the industry, potential customers, and competitors. A business plan should also include a marketing plan, an operational plan, a financial plan, an issues statement, and a formalized exit strategy. The appendices to a business plan include items such as resumes, pictures of products, descriptions of services, legal documents, and other supporting documentation that provides additional detailed information for the plan. The business description should include a notation about the legal form of organization of the e-business. The most common legal forms of organization are a sole proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation. A limited liability company combines features of partnerships and corporations. A business plan should also note any key business partnerships and alliances with suppliers or distributors and so forth that the e-business has developed. Some sample business plans are available on Blackboard. Additional sample plans are available at: (Looking for a Similar Assignment? Order now and Get a Discount! Use Coupon Code "Newclient"

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