Filmmaking: Social Commentary on Diversity and Social Justice Issues/ art 125 Pop Culture and the arts

Select a film about diversity and social justice issues impacting the United States between 1900 and the present.  Write out discussion notes for a classroom presentation (7-10 minutes).  If you do not complete your classroom presentation on the due date, you will earn a 1-point reduction toward total points allocated for the assignment.

Provide a brief synopsis of your film that includes the following: 

  • Producer(s) and director(s).
  • Plot (organization of events).
  • Setting (historical timeframe; time of the action; location of the action and its surroundings; whether the story is fictional, nonfictional, or both).
  • Characterization (personalities of characters; how characters respond to one another and to the situation).  

Provide an audio/visual clipping of your film or an official film trailer that illustrates your discussion points.


  • Social commentary (messages) on diversity and social justice issues in U.S. society conveyed by selected film.
  • How diversity and social justice issues depicted in selected film impact (or have impacted) the art(s), vulnerable members of society, and U.S. society overall.
  • How diversity and social justice issues may be resolved (or have already been resolved) equitably, morally, humanely, and legally for the common good.

Include a References page that lists the film and all other resources used to complete this assignment.  (Wikipedia and its family of resources are not credible for scholarly research.)  Do not use more than 20 percent of non-original written materials to complete the assignment, and do not cut-and-paste written text into your notes or References list. 

Answer the following (you must find and explain new learning to avoid a 2-point reduction toward total points allocated for the assignment):  

  • What new learning did you acquire from completing this assignment?
  • How will you apply your new learning to your life?
  • How will you use your new learning to make the world a better place for yourself, your loved ones, and Sacred Others?   
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