Discussion Questions 1 and 2

DQ #1: Approach to Change Management

Define and compare the change management concept with the contingency approach. Drawing from this week’s lecture and readings, provide a specific example for either the change management concept or the contingency approach. How might cultural barriers and communication constraints affect the change process?

DQ #2:Vision and Organizational Change

Locate one scholarly article that discusses vision in relation to specific companies going through organizational change. The change could be growth, decline, or some form of restructuring. Select a company that is featured in the article, and go to that company’s website to view the vision statement for the organization. Using the vision statement of your chosen company, discuss the following points:

Evaluate the article and describe the current vision statement and the change occurring within the organization.

Does the vision statement meet the challenges of the overall change initiative?

Possible revisions that could be made to the vision statement to meet the image of the organization after changes have been implemented.

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