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Selecting My Challenge– Feedback on your draft proposal

We continue using the discussion feature in our Blackboard classroom to help each of you define your Leadership Challenge My Challenge activity.

After three weeks of discussing and thinking about your My Challenge, you should now have a good idea which of your pathways you will use for this challenge, what values and outcomes are important to you, and what sort of challenge might bring these together into a leadership challenge experience to carry you through the rest of this semester.

This week, you will share a brief draft of your proposed challenge activity, and give and receive feedback to refine your proposal.

The goal is to help each other sort through potential My Challenge activity ideas and help them as they help you.

Initial Posting – due by midnight Tuesday for full credit

List the categories below, and tell a little about your challenge: 

Organization – what organization will be the ‘sponsor’ for your challenge? what pathway are you using to reach your outcomes?

Planned Outcomes – will get done in the world because of your efforts? what are your goals?

Your Role – you are the first member of your team: what will you be doing for this activity?

Team Members – who is getting the work done?

Stakeholders – who are the people who have some stake in the success of this project activity? who will benefit from what you’ve done?

Responses to Other Students

After reading your fellow leadership trainee’s posts, can you think of anything they may have overlooked or forgotten? Any other ideas to help them improve their proposal and move closer to a rewarding leadership challenge experience?

Participate in the discussion under the guidelines for discussions in the Syllabus and the How Course Works section of this class site.

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