1. What the difference between cross-selling and up-selling? How are each of these used to build a partnership?

2. In our lecture this week, you were asked to keep a detailed log of your activities for at least one day. What difficulties did you have in completing this? What time-wasters or inefficiencies did you find, and how much time did these activities take up in total? Did this activity help you to gain any insights into your current time management strategy?

3. Good start everyone. So, let’s throw some topics from this week together. How do you feel about people conducting eye tracking studies without the consumer’s knowledge? Consider that companies are starting to put ads in public places, such as e-billboards or e-posters and track the eyes of passing by viewers; it gives them tremendous sample sizes of data across individual variables, but without individuals even knowing.

4. A more recent example and one that I’m sure that you’ve all seen, are the free credit report ads with the same band performing an array of silly songs along with various consumer scenarios where people are suffering from a lack of credit in the background. The problem here is that the credit reports are in fact not free… Of course the crazy part is that they’re back in business under a new name and, still running similar ads. So, can you give us another example of an unethical advertisement? What was it, why was it unethical, and if any, what were (or could be) the consequences?

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