Demographics and Diversity

Connections between Theory and Practice

For this assignment, I chose this issue in early childhood

Providing quality education experiences for children of migrant families


Find three professional written resources (online, journals, etc.) that provide information about and/or further resources for this issue and study them.

Locate a child, a family, or an early childhood professional with personal experience regarding the issue you selected.

Ask that person/family/early childhood professional to tell you about experiences related to the issue you chose.

Using the “awareness tool” from the multimedia piece in Week 1, consider the person’s story using the professional awareness viewpoint. Summarize the consequences for that person specifically, and children, families.

  • A brief review of each of the three resources, including a citation in APA format for each
  • A summary of your conversation and an analysis
  • A discussion of any implications that your study of this one issue might have on your work in the early childhood field, and your thoughts on this issue

(Assignment length: 2 pages minimum) APA style references.

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