Conflict Coltan

Please read Chapter 6 Discussion Case: “Conflict Coltan in the Global Electronics Industry Supply Chain” (pg. 134-135). Also view the discussion case support video.

Using the concepts presented in Chapters 6 & 7 as well as the facts presented in this case, provide a one (1) paragraph response to each of the following four questions and respond to two (2) classmate’s posts:

  1. What groups or stakeholders benefit from the trade in conflict coltan and how?
  2. How or how not does the concept of constructive engagement (p. 130) apply in the trade of conflict coltan?
  3. What three sectors (Figure 6.3) were concerned with the problem of conflict coltan?  What were the interests of each, and in what ways did their interest converge?
  4. How has this case changed your perception of our society’s demand for consumer electronics?
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