Computer Purchase Document

Scenario: You have been asked to research and recommend a personal computer by someone you know.  You may take into consideration the life circumstances of this person (i.e. whether they have children who will be using the computer, whether they will be doing sophisticated gaming on the computer, whether they need to have a portable computer, etc).

This person:

*  Can only spend up to $700 on a computer (not including monitor, taxes or shipping charges)

*  Does not need you to research monitors or printers

*  Does not need you to research software or operating systems

*  Does not want a custom built or used computer (only a new, brand name, off-the shelf computer)

*  Wants information on your top 2 choices of computers

*  Would like you to recommend which one of the 2 computers to purchase

*  Would like to know how you applied each step of the Nine Step Decision Making model to your decision (you can do an Internet search on “Nine Step Decision Making model” to get information on this model)

Prepare an 700 to 1000-word Microsoft® Word® documentaved .  The document must contain the following:

Computer Information: 

*  The name of each of the 2 computers

– Text must be highlighted for at least one of the names

*  Bulleted list of features for each of the 2 computers such as memory, processor, etc

– Bullets must be created using the Bullets feature

– Text must be italicized for at least one of the bulleted features

*  An image of each computer inserted in the document

*  The price of each computer

– Text must be underlined for at least one of the prices

       Note:  Hyperlinks do not count as underlined text

Recommendation Information:

*  A recommendation on which computer to purchase

*  An explanation on why you are recommending that computer

Decision Making Process Information: 

       *  A description on how you applied each step of the Nine Step Decision Making model to           arrive at your recommendation

References Information: 

*  A listing of sources (i.e. websites, books, periodicals) that you used to research   computers and/or the Nine Step Decision Making process

– Text must be bolded for at least one of the sources

Please Note:

*  Do not exceed the maximum word count by more than 100 words

*  APA formatting requirements do not apply for this assignment – but if you use outside references, you still need to list them at the end of the document – and cite them in the body of the document where used

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