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As a manager, I will be responsible for security planning in my organize the network structure that will help me to lay down my security plan, one of the first things to do is to elaborate or create a secure plan and document it. Document everything that company will need to meet the security plan describe the reason, the time required, the individual whom will be involved and the resources that we will use to implement that security policy that is going help our clients, users and partners to minimize the risks of network attacks.

With this security plan will help our network topology to secure FTP, web, email, and other servers that provide the services, as manager here some kinds of stuff that I may utilize this process. (identify network assets, analyze the security risks, define a security policy, Implement the technical strategy and safety procedures and the last one is test the security and update it if any problems are found) after gathering this information and steps I think it should be enough to help to execute the security plan.

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