business homework

Assignment Instructions: This is a two part assignment.

A 2007 research report produced by the Center for Creative Leadership on The Changing Nature of Leadership concluded that the definition of effective leadership had changed in the last five years and some interesting trends in leadership were beginning to surface. 

1.  Find and watch a minimum of 45 min of videos (i.e., made within the last 3 yrs) on contemporary leadership issues and challenges, the changing nature of leadership, and/or emerging leadership trends.  Please note, you will need to expand and be creative in your use of search terms in order to complete this assignment.  Most students find this to be around three videos.

2.  In a 2-3 paragraph paper, list using bullet points, what you believe to be the top 10 issues, challenges, or trends facing leaders today based on what was covered in the videos you watched.  In your paper share the reasons for your selections and provide the URL and name of the videos you watched.  

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