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Need help with below. This paper needs to be APA format perfectly. Please understand APA and Business Analytics. My instructor is strict and APA picky.

Must cite all work in the paper and have a refrence page. Any primary titles should be centered and secondary titles to the left and double spaced ect. Due 2/17/17 no palgirism

Option #1: Postmortem Diagnostic of a Failed Sales Office Expansion

In the past year your satellite TV organization made the business decision to open two new sales offices in Omaha and San Diego due to anticipated growth of satellite TV subscribers in those areas. Unfortunately, the growth of new customers never materialized, and the company lost $5M instead. Also, the company’s stock dropped by 20% in the last two months, the two new sales offices were closed, and 15% of the employees were let go.

You have been hired as the new CIO to perform a postmortem evaluation of this situation and determine why the new $10M business analytics system failed to produce accurate information for decision making. Outline some of the reasons the decision to open the two new offices may have failed and what might be improved in the future to get the company back on course. Your paper should:

  • Be 5-7 pages long
  • Include at least two references in addition to your course textbook
  • Include an additional references page
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