Body Lanaguage

I need a 200 words response with reference. Due 2/3/17

  • Our body language certainly influences our mindset. I am currently reading the book, Presence by Amy Cuddy. It is truly a good read and one to keep in your library to reflect from time to time. In the book, Amy Cuddy shares her research findings about our mental and emotional state impacting our body language. If we are happy, we open our body language up and show vulnerability because we are secure. Selling can be tough and intimidating that places us into a powerless position. Or body language is then stressed and less assertive. In the book, the author describes the qualities of presence: confidence, enthusiasm, comfort, being captivating as signs of authenticity.

    Many of you have spoken about the nonverbal factors of engagement in your responses. In my face to face classes, my mantra, “be here now” is quoted often. Presence is to be present. For a salesperson to be present is to be engaged. Not involved in some of the behaviors like Fritz mentioned when a salesperson wipes their eyes, no eye contact, or a dry yawn.

    Class, please share an experience when you were able to detect the body language of a salesperson and that set the tone of the sale. What was the outcome? Was the salesperson able to recover and change to a power pose before it was too late? 

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