The instructions in the attachment

Biology 101 Lecture Assignment #2 – Genetically modified organisms (25 points)

This assignment is due in lecture on Wednesday July 19th. Non-word-processed or late

assignments will not be accepted. At the end of the assignment, cite references in APA

format. Use the following links for details on APA format;

( or The total length should be between

1.5 to 2 pages, double-spaced, Times 12-point font, standard margins, grammar and

spelling- checked (no mechanical errors).

For this assignment, gather information from at least two credible sources (use the

C.R.A.P. test on Moodle to determine the credibility of a source) and answer the

following questions regarding genetically modified organisms in your response:

1. What are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)? Be specific – what makes an

organism genetically modified, the term transgenic is also used for these types of

organisms. Provide some examples of genetically modified organisms. (3 pts.)

2. Explain what some of the concerns are regarding GMOs and provide the evidence

supporting these concerns. (In other words, do NOT just list the concerns) (5 pts.)

3. Explain some of the benefits of GMOs and provide the evidence supporting these

benefits. (In other words, do NOT just list the benefits) (5 pts.)

4. How have GMOs directly affected you currently and how might they affect you in the

future? (5 pts.)

5. After researching this topic and exploring the pros and cons of GMOs, what is your

personal view of GMOs? Justify your answer- explain why you have this view. (5 pts.)

6. Use at least two credible sources and cite in APA format. (2 pts.)