Assessment Methods

This week we will be discussing the two categories of assessing employees:

  1. The initial assessment
  2. The substantive assessment

Based upon the readings from Chapter eight, External Selection I, which one of these four methods do you see as the most critical in the initial assessing process?.  Explain.

1)      A resume and cover letter

2)      Application Blank

3)      Reference and background checks

4)      The initial interview

I would now like you to watch the following video that discusses key points in the employment testing process:

Based upon the key points discussed in the video and the list of assessment tests in chapter nine, External Selection II,

1)      Which one of the tests do you see having the greatest potential of helping you turn “good ones future stars”? Why.

2)      Would you use different assessment tests based upon the position you were hiring for in the company?  Explain.

Minimum 300 words, APA format, credible references (including the attached video), and intext citations

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