1. Do you agree with Hobbes’ view on human nature? Defend your answer.

To do well on this assignment, your paper must include the following:

  1. A discussion of what Hobbes’ view on human nature is;
  2. Outline whether you agree or disagree with Hobbes and why;
  3. Defense of your position must take the form of an argument(s);
  4. Provide a minimum of four (4) references to support your argument(s) from in-class readings and your own research;
  5. References must be academic in nature;
  6. Meet the formatting requirements outlined below. 

Your assignments must be typed, double-spaced and in “Times,” twelve point font. Your papers should not exceed five (5) pages in length, including your reference page. While there is no minimum for the length of this assignment, you should make sure you meet all criteria, regardless of the length of your paper. No cover or summary page is necessary, even if dictated by the style guide you are using.

It is required that your paper both adhere to the Indiana State University Academic Code and a style guide of your choice (information about APA, MLA and Chicago Manual style guides, and college writing techniques and tips, are available on the Internet). 

Additionally, all work must be presented in a coherent, well-written manner. In other words, your papers should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Papers are expected to contain both thoughtful and polished arguments. All papers must include an introduction to your argument, discussion and support of your argument, along with a conclusion. Finally, all papers must be submitted in .docx file format.

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