Answer Each Question, No Less Than 200 Words, No More Than 250 Words, Give URL Reference for Each Answer


Please answer each of these six questions in more than 200 words but less than 250 words.  Please provide the URL you used to reference your answer (that’s all that is needed for a reference).

1. Differentiate between collaborating and competing styles of conflict resolution in communication and business.

2. List some of the best practices for setting up effective company meetings.

3. In conflict management, describe what root cause analysis is and how it can aid in resolving conflict.

4. Give the pros and cons of utilizing an avoiding style of conflict resolution.

5. Describe how company leaders can best prepare its employees to accept an organizational change or changes that may go against a company norm.

6. Explain how effective meetings can be utilized to manage organizational change.

Remember, you only need to use three different sources (but if you need to use a different source for each, that is OK to, just provide your citation after your 200-250 word answer).

Thank you!

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