Agenda Comparison Grids

 Discussion Question: Agenda Comparison Grids 

(With at least 2 paragraphs with 3 references which must be at least 5 yeast old with in text citations. )


Regardless of political affiliation, every citizen has a stake in healthcare policy decisions. Hence, it is little wonder why healthcare items become such high-profile components of presidential agendas. It is also little wonder why they become such hotly debated agenda items.

In Part 1 of this module’s Assignment, you were asked to begin work on an Agenda Comparison Grid to compare the impact of the current/sitting U.S. president and the two previous presidents’ agendas on the healthcare item you selected for study. In this Discussion, you will share your first draft with your colleagues to receive feedback to be applied to your final version.

To Prepare:

· Review the Resources and reflect on the importance of agenda setting.

· Consider how federal agendas promote healthcare issues and how these healthcare issues become agenda priorities.  Needed by Tuesday 25, 2020

Presidents are:



George W Bush

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