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Locate a list of the 100 best companies to work for by using a search engine. Link already providedbelow for company to use.

Look for the following key words: amplifying effect, pro-social behaviors, positive deviance, conscious capitalism. 

Select http://reviews.greatplacetowork.com/the-container-store?utm_source=fortune&utm_medium=list-page&utm_content=reviews-link&utm_campaign=2016-100-best

Create a 700-word analysis and its climate regarding organizational behavior. 

Include the following in your review: 

  • Does this organization encourage positive Organizational Behavior?
  • If yes, how do they demonstrate this?
  • If not, what type of Organizational Behavior do they seem to encourage?

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.

The Connection Between Organizational Behavior And Job Skills In The Workplace

Organizational Behavior is a study, that is commited to understanding and managing people at work. Including self-management. The purpose is to deal with how people behave at work. Since there is no one way to best manage people; These study groups would have to apply critical thinking and use logical reasoning to identify and resolve unusual, or complex situations. The Organization Behavior will affect problem-solving approaches which are used within  the group. In retrospect, Organizational Behavior plays a significant role in determining guidelines and establishing protocal to help mangage employees effectively. This cannot be achived without actively listening. To be successful these study groups have to give their full attention to what other people are saying, and take the time to understand their point of views. Organizational Behavior has a huge impact on in the overall success of employes in the workplace.

Job Skills Leading To Improved Job Performance

While technology continues to grow at a very fast pace, and the market for work continues to become more and more competitve, employees have to constantly redeveolpe themselves and demonstrate that an comeptetive an edge. Therefore, Organizational Behavor will help you improve your appeal to employers, because they want employees who have both hard and soft skills. There is no doubt that, technical knowledge is imperative, but the difference that sets you apart from someone eles, is

simply your unique human interactions, that you make along the way, in an adfition to your interpersonal skills. By mastering these jobskills, you gain the ability to persuade, interact, and manage others. Which, will not only create new opportunities, but all of these job skills lead to improved job performance.  

Organizational Behavior In the Decision-Making And Problem-Solving

The Organizational Behavior will affect decisions which have been made, aswell as, the problem-solving approaches that are used. Proper decision making involves the ability to think critically, and is a soughtout characteristic by every employer in an employee. Organization Behavior plays a significant role in influencing decision-making within a group, along with problem-solving.  Organizational Behavior has everything to do with how people interact with one another at given time, which then sets the foundation for the culture that will embraced by the group.  Organizational Behavior can aid the in decision-making and problem-solving process because their topics have a considerable impact  on the moral conduct of individuals and organizations. Management doesn’t want to micromanage the workplace but are often forced because the employees lacks critical thinking capabilities to effectively problem-solve independently. Organizational Behavor plays a significant role in ensuring job efficiency, by establishing a culture that allows employees to effectively communicate.

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