2 questions

Find a recent article or video describing a new product in development. Post a link to the article or video in the discussion thread and describe the following:

  1. What need is the new product trying to fill? Do you think it will meet that need?
  2. What type of innovation does the new product represent?
  3. What kind of process do you think will be used to make the product? Would it be possible to produce a lot of the product in a short amount of time?

Week 3: This week, you’ve been learning about troubleshooting various issues computer users encounter when booting their computer.  1. In a few sentences, describe some of the issues that you found interesting.  Discuss how you learned to deal with these issues in your labs, and how you can find answers to problems about which you have not yet learned.  2. You should be getting in the groove of your labs this week.  Share some tips you might have on how to get your labs done on time, and what you’re doing to balance your work life, family and friends, with school.  3. Don’t forget to read and respond to what your classmates are saying!4. Additional post option: Looking at power supplies, what are some tips you’d like to share on how to determine the best buy? You want to have enough power for all your onboard peripherals, but you don’t want to waste money getting power you don’t need.  How do you make sure you have it right? 

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